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Flare+Numina by Weredragon14 Flare+Numina :iconweredragon14:Weredragon14 2 0 Alien Color Palette II by Weredragon14 Alien Color Palette II :iconweredragon14:Weredragon14 1 0 Alien Color Palette I by Weredragon14 Alien Color Palette I :iconweredragon14:Weredragon14 1 2 Daerua by Weredragon14 Daerua :iconweredragon14:Weredragon14 0 2
100 Theme Challenge: Introduction
I am rather terrible at introductions, or at least, I believe that I am. I have never been told so by anyone else but my belief remains. Writing is one of my hobbies. I do not think that I have very many of them. I began to nurse it into being when I was in seventh grade. I bound up paper in a yellow folder and started writing, losing pens here and there and resuming sentences in different colored ink. I modeled the characters after poor representations of the people I spent my time with at that point in my life. Looking back it would seem inappropriate to call them friends.
I soon discarded that first piece and settled on something else. Something filled with characters of my own. Somewhat. At the time I had been reading Anne McCaffery’s Dragonriders of Pern and I recognize that I had modeled the main character in a very similar way to one of her own. I finished it while I was in Turkey, the summer after my seventh grade year. At one point some pages tore from my battered notebo
:iconweredragon14:Weredragon14 0 0
Nefertari by Weredragon14
Mature content
Nefertari :iconweredragon14:Weredragon14 0 3
Dragons by Weredragon14 Dragons :iconweredragon14:Weredragon14 3 5
Rhama stirred on the hard stone floor. Her head throbbed and when she opened her eyes she only saw blackness. She felt fabric catch on the bony crown on her head and scrape against her frilly ears. A high-pitched whine clogged her hearing and she raised her hands to take off the bag on her head. Her hands her tightly bound together and seemed to be connected to her feet.
   She bared her teeth and kicked.
   The rope snapped and she ripped the bag from her head, pieces of fabric tearing on some of her horns.
   Green-purple spots danced in front of her eyes in the darkness. The earth was cold, dusty, and hard on her scaly hide. The whining filled her ears and she pinned them back, opening her eyes wide to scan the darkness of the room around her.
   Dark, rounded shapes leaned up against the walls. A few shifted, stirring like they were alive. She managed to get to her feet and back herself against a wall. She felt the tips of
:iconweredragon14:Weredragon14 2 0
The market district was always quiet at night. Looking to the stars he noted that it was more early morning than late night. A small scuffling sound turned his attention to the left side of the street.
A small, willowy woman slipped out of the shadows. They clung to her, like they loathed to let her go. Her face was sharp and angled, like a cat’s, almost at odds with her large doe-eyes. She fell into step beside him, silent and lithe like the shadows she came from.
“You know you don’t need to make noise for me, Ruth,”
“Just because you’re my partner doesn’t mean you should trust any shadow that lurches at you, Basir” She replied curtly and jogged a little before leaping ahead into another set of shadows that eagerly claimed her again.
The shades at the sides of the streets and under the empty, abandoned stalls flickered and raced away, cloaking the stone and flitting behind multicolored paper lanterns.
He walked seemingly on his own down
:iconweredragon14:Weredragon14 4 3
Mature content
Capture :iconweredragon14:Weredragon14 3 6
Dignity by Weredragon14 Dignity :iconweredragon14:Weredragon14 1 0 The Painter by Weredragon14 The Painter :iconweredragon14:Weredragon14 3 19 Blind Investigation by Weredragon14 Blind Investigation :iconweredragon14:Weredragon14 4 0 Somewhere in a Bar by Weredragon14 Somewhere in a Bar :iconweredragon14:Weredragon14 4 6 Aurin by Weredragon14 Aurin :iconweredragon14:Weredragon14 3 5 Mahettable by Weredragon14 Mahettable :iconweredragon14:Weredragon14 2 3


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Flare and Numina, my Fire Gensai warlock and her wood elf bard girlfriend.

Flare is a consultant to the crown on matters of the arcane and otherworldly particularly concerning such matters as they are related to grievous/gruesome crime. She’s fucking great at her job.

Numina has a cozy setup at one of the swankier inn and taverns in the city and earns her free room and board with light puppet shows, acrobatics acts, and some stellar bagpipe playing because I like bagpipes. She’s also fucking great at her job.

They’ve been together for several years and they really, really love each other and they’re adorable and I love them.

Flare is 6′3 (because I like rolling height) and Numina is 5′1, this pose doesn’t show it very well because I didn’t want to feet.

Alien Color Palette I
Just a little experiment I started with my aliens, which I've been working on for nearly five years now.
Still no species name but I like their current look. Still working on colors, I like the idea of the yellow-browns with some color splashes thrown in. I'll do some more later and see which ones I like best.
Palette made with paletton
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Okay, so I've been writing this story and posting it on WattPad. It's like deviantart but it's exclusively for writers.
I love this website but my only reviewer is my sister. She's very good and quite helpful, I have no complaints about her being my reviewer except for one little thing.
I need more than one.
I desperately want to improve my writing, my mechanics, I want people to show me what needs fixing so I can improve with it. Please.

You should be able to read it without an account.
Leave me a review here or if you're so inclined or you have an account, leave one on WattPad.


H. C. Moser
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